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How to search for a match

Since this is new to everyone, I wanted to remind you that you can now search for singles and doubles partners through our Ten Cap system.  If you are looking for a match and don't know who to call you can now do a search through ten cap where you can specify a ten cap rating, age range...time of day for availability and much more.  Please explore the site and feel free to post on the discussion boards if you are looking for a game!

Welcome to DVTA's TenCap Community

DVTA would like to welcome everyone to TenCap and we are looking forward to watching everyone progress with in our new rating system.  Be sure to look for new events which will be posted here.
DVTA Staff

Evening Match Play

Reminder that we have evening match play's throughout the week Monday through Thursday 8-9:30.  Please check your profiles to see which ones you qualify for!
Current and Upcoming Events
There are no current or upcoming events.
Past Events
Other Events (Non-Series)
Event Name Event Began Event Ended
DVTA Match Play 2020-2021 9/19/2020 6/19/2021
DVTA Match Play 2020-2021 (2nd Half) 9/19/2020 6/19/2021
DVTA Match Play 2019-2020 9/21/2019 6/13/2020
Men's 3.0-4.0Ladder 2018-19 9/10/2018 6/05/2019
Men's Matchplay Ladder 2018-19 9/10/2018 6/05/2019
10 and U Match Play Spring 2017 3/19/2017 5/21/2017
Junior AT Match Play 11/19/2016 5/13/2017
Junior High Performance Match Play 3/11/2017 5/13/2017
Men's 3.0/3.5 Wednesday Matchplay 12/07/2016 5/10/2017
Junior 10 and U Match Play 12/04/2016 3/12/2017
Men's 3.0/3.5 USTA Practice Ladder 1/25/2015 5/03/2015
Women's 2.0-3.0 Tuesday Ladder 10/01/2013 5/06/2014
Men's 4.0/4.5 Monday Ladder 11/25/2013 4/28/2014
Junior Ladder Session 2 12/08/2013 4/27/2014
Junior Ladder Session 1 9/08/2013 11/10/2013
USTA Round Robins 7PM - 8:30PM 6/26/2013 8/14/2013
Adult MIXED Clinic 6/22/2013 8/10/2013
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